Cajun Catholic

20130725_122513Hello from Cajun country, southern Louisiana!

I feel very blessed to have grown up in an area of the country that is heavily populated with Catholics.  Driving down any street in Iberia Parish, (it’s Parishes in Louisiana, not Counties), one can see the evidence of our  faith. There are many homes with statues of Mary and Jesus proudly set in front of the home as a Blessing to the family and to all those who pass by.

Cajun people are very warm and loving of all God’s children and are extremely respectful of God and our Blessed Mother.

During this Year of Faith, it is with great excitement and timidity, that I embark on this sharing of my faith, beliefs, and spiritual journey.

I am proud of my faith. I ask the Holy Spirit to guide my words and thoughts and speak to my heart so that I can speak to your heart.

C’est Bon!

Love Sherry

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