Go Jimmy Graham!

Jimmy Graham | New Orleans Saints

Jimmy Graham | New Orleans Saints (Photo credit: Football Schedule)

Since it is Halloween and I am thinking about my two grandkids, I decided to share a cute story concerning my four-year-old grandson.  I will call him Luke.

My daughter and her children live about an hour away from New Orleans.  The New Orleans Saints are very big in their home town and we are all Saints fans.

Earlier this year, my daughter’s husband adopted a dog from a local shelter.  The shelter had named the dog “Jimmy Graham” after the Saints’ tight end.  Jimmy was a beautiful dog; however he was also very busy and was routinely eating up furniture, doors, and walls…  My daughter worked with him as best she could, but in the end the family had to say good-bye to Jimmy Graham when they found him a new family with lots of yard for him to play in and be mischievous.  Luke took the good-bye the hardest.  He made friends quickly with Jimmy Graham and being a four-year-old boy, was likewise mischievous.  They were in a way “kindred spirits”.

Along comes football season.  My daughter and family were watching the New Orleans Saints in their living room.  The kids were playing nearby and could hear the cheers and jeers depending on how the game was going.  It was not long that Jimmy Graham, the Saints football player, caught a pass and was headed for the goal line.  My daughter and husband were yelling, “Go Jimmy Graham!”.  This immediately caught the ear of Luke, who jumped up in front of the TV and yelled out in amazement, “My DOG turned into a MAN?”.  This was followed by, “…AND HE’S A FOOTBALL PLAYER?… GO JIMMY GRAHAM, IT’S ME LUKE!  I’M SO PROUD OF YOU!”.

Luke’s love for his dog was so great, that he did not mind the separation if it meant that Jimmy Graham could become a man!

I just love kids.  They see the world through eyes that are so innocent and so loving. Pure Love. Love like God intended it to be.

I will be watching the Saints this weekend.  I will be rooting for Jimmy Graham…  but, it is Luke who makes Grams proud!

C’est Bon,



2 thoughts on “Go Jimmy Graham!

  1. Thanks. Children see life as black and white, nothing is grey.
    We should use the lessons our children teach in frankness, love and friendship.
    They say exactly what’s on their mind, love unconditionally and never meet a stranger.
    What an excellent display of Christs’ love.
    God bless.

  2. Behind every great story, serious or funny, is football! The innocence of children should be sprinkled on all of us each day! Sweet Luke! Go Saints!

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