Sisterly Love

IMG_20150410_0001I was fifteen years old when my youngest sister was born.  She was not yet four years old when I was married and moved out of the house.  I had less than four years of living with her as a sister.

By the time she was six, I had two children.  My little sister was one of the kids. Life was busy and there was not a lot of time to spend quality time together.

My husband and children and I moved several states away for a few years.  When I returned back to my home state, my sister was ten years old.  Time flew.  I watched her quickly become a teenager and graduate high school.  I always felt robbed of those sister years.  She felt more like one of my kids; yet I was not her mother.

But, God always has a plan.

In 2002 my sister and I became co-workers.  This is a very sad day for me because today is the last of our working days together.  For the last thirteen years we have worked together almost daily.  Through these daily interactions, something magical happened…

We fought with other.  We fought for each other.  We cried together.  We shared happy times together…

For the last thirteen years, we became SISTERS!

God gave me such a precious gift.  I have watched my little sister grow into a fine, confident young woman, wife and mother.  She is one of the strongest women I know.

I am so proud of her.

I treasure the time God gave us.  It has made my time with her complete.

This next year will bring many changes.  She will have a new career and a new baby.  But she will always have me for her sister!

I love you Christi!

C’est Bon





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