Introducing – Planned Puppy Parenthood!



Finally, good public healthcare is here for your four-legged members of the family!

Dogs are sexual animals.  Gone are the days when our beloved pets must be spayed or castrated.  Spaying and neutering can lead to such problems as prostrate cancer, urine incontinence and mammary tumors.  Let your doggies be free to fall in heat and express their sexual desires without the consequences and responsibilities of unwanted pregnancies.

Our clinics are private and confidential.  Your doggie will feel right at home as we deliver her from her stress and worry.

Gestation periods are only about 63 days – so most arriving at our clinics will be far gone in the gestation period.  On average there are about five to six blobs of tissue to be removed.  If early enough, the tissues can be sucked out of our patient.  But there is no time limit, there are other effective and “crunchy” methods to remove your pet’s little worries.  If need be, we can let the head be delivered and sever the spinal chord before full delivery.

Our clinic offers FREE pregnancy screenings, de-worming and heart worm medicine.  Pregnancy terminations are on a fee basis due to the costs of discording the fetal tissue.  Fee is based on the size and number of tissue being dealt with.

It is time that our pets be able to be sexually fulfilled and not suffer from the responsibilities of having to care for a litter of puppies.  After all, shouldn’t our pets be treated as well as their human owners?


2 thoughts on “Introducing – Planned Puppy Parenthood!

  1. I read through this thinking “surely not”…but continued all the way to the end, and no disclaimer. As a vegan, my view may be distorted…but as a pet owner, regardless of my views about the food supply, I have always opted to “fix” my furry babies, as I have visited too many in pounds and crossed too many flattened on the highway. St. Francis of Assisi pray for them!

    • Kris, This was a spoof on Planned Parenthood and the difference between how we treat animals versus our unborn human children.
      May we one day treat our unborn children with dignity and respect. Society would never allow a dog abortion clinic; but somehow we continue to allow unborn children to be mercilessly murdered.Remember them in your prayers. Thanks for responding.

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