Listen Up Hollywood

61315428-meryl-streepWhen will Hollywood learn?  Just 12 days from the inauguration of a new president, Ms. Streep felt the need to take the stage and use her air time to lecture, rant and overdramatize the changes taking place.  These are not changes she wanted.  They are not changes most of her colleges and friends want.  Changes are happening because 62 million Americans voted for change.  Hollywood is in shock; Meryl Streep called it “broken-hearted.” Give me a break.

Since when is Hollywood the moral authority?  The majority of Hollywood are boasting about their diversity, tolerance, empathy for the human race and protection of the planet.  The truth is Hollywood has no diversity when it comes to political opinions and no tolerance for those of a different opinion.  Their empathy for their fellow man is only for certain races, ages, and professions.  The planet and animals are held in high regard; much higher than the unborn child (who can be killed if disabled), or the average hunter who has to provide for his family.

The two presidential candidates this past year were two very flawed individuals.  We are all flawed human beings.  There are no perfect people; that holds true for people in Hollywood.  A presidential election is about the policies and the vision of a candidate.  Campaigns are all smoke screen and mirrors.  We the ordinary people, have a hard time making sense of what is real and what is orchestrated.  Campaigns are managed and media reflections of campaigns are driven by secular ideology to promote certain political agendas.  It is all propaganda aimed at winning the election and fooling the masses.

There is no real “news”.  News organizations are biased and spin stories for ratings and swaying public opinion.  Never was this more obvious than this past presidential election.  One candidate drove the media crazy with blunt remarks and controlling social media sites and with that his message.  The other candidate ran a conventional campaign in collusion with news organizations to downplay her flaws while vilifying and mocking her opponent.

I am proud to say that the American people in the end took to the polls and voted on policies and the candidates’ vision for the direction of this country.  They refused to be bullied.  They refused to be intimidated.

Whether or not President-elect Trump will create jobs as promised and bring relief to the middle class remains to be seen.  As of this date, he has shown great respect for the office by working hard to establish a competent cabinet while also reaching out to corporate America to open a dialogue concerning American workers.  He has been extending olive branches and opening doors.  I think that says quite a bit regarding the kind of leader we have in the next president.

Hollywood should take notes, they have much to learn.