Follow Little Gabriel on her incredible journey from her mother’s womb to God’s Kingdom. Along the way she meets heavenly friends who guide and teach her about the sacraments, saints angels, and God’s mercy.

Little Gabriel’s story is touching and divinely inspired. She offers comfort and healing to anyone who has lost a child prior to natural birth.

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A collection of heartfelt stories and memories which span the life of a little Catholic Cajun girl growing up along Louisiana bayous to the wife, mother and grandmother of today, proud of her heritage and Catholic faith.

Sherry Kenner considers herself lucky to be a product of the Acadians who were deported from their homes and native lands in 1755. These ancestors lost everything and yet never lost their faith in God and the Catholic Church. As a testament to her family’s faith and a tribute to the hardship endured in generations past, author Sherry Kenner created a blog where stories of her childhood, faith and culture could be treasured and handed down to the next generation. Growing up in south Louisiana, there were constant reminders of the strong Catholic faith in the unique Cajun culture of this region. C’est Bon is a Cajun French term meaning “It is good”. Life is always good because life is a gift from God. We are all called to enjoy this gift of life.

“I began this blog in 2013 as a commitment to the call to evangelize by sharing stories of my life in Catholic Cajun country.” Sherry Kenner

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