the best things in life…

kidsYesterday I attended a talk given by Teresa Tomeo, author, host of radio morning show Catholic Connection, and EWTN co-host of The Catholic View for Women.  Teresa discussed her new book, God’s Bucket List.  It was an evening well spent, filled with laughs and thought-provoking conversation.

Just about everyone has a Bucket List.  I am sure most of our Bucket Lists have items such as trips, acquiring material goods, or landing that dream job.  But are these things really important in the end?  My favorite line from the talk yesterday was, “Do you want to go to Hawaii or do you want to go to Heaven?”.  Teresa’s book outlines the REAL path “to HAPPINESS in THIS LIFE and BEYOND”.  We have to learn it’s not about us – it’s about God.  Only when we are doing God’s will are we truly happy and fulfilled.

Think about it….When we are young, we are always looking to the future.  It’s always – some day the kids will be grown and I’ll get to do all the things I’ve ever wanted to do…I’ll travel, do fun things…. Life in the moment is filled with noise and stress. We do not take the time to stop and enjoy the little things, the little moments.

It is only when one gets older that one tends to start looking behind and reminiscing about those by-gone days and years.

Raising children is not an easy job.  God blessed my husband and I with three wonderful kids.  We now have two wonderful grandchildren as well.  Life always has its ups and downs.  Without the downs, the ups do not seem as special.  Now that my children are adults, I share in their up and down moments (so there are more of them!).  I have finally learned that this is life here on earth.  What we make of this life will determine how we spend our eternity.

I don’t have a Bucket List.  I do have a Wish List.  I wish for my children that they take the time to enjoy each day.  I hope they know that they are truly special and made in the image of God.  I hope they know that being their mother is the single most important job I could ever have.  Making sure they are on the path to Heaven is my single most important wish.

I now understand Mary’s love for us.  As our mother, she is calling us to take the path to Jesus.

October 13, 1996 – Mary to Nancy Fowler, Conyers, Georgia “Please open your hearts.  Begin to love God. Begin to love yourselves as God loves you and begin to love each other in this way.  Remember you ascend your heavenly steps throughout this life by self-sacrificing love.  Embrace your cross.  Unite all your suffering with my Son.”

Kiss your kids.  Turn the TV off and put the cell phone down. Take the time to play a board game, tell funny jokes, or just sit and chat.  Most of all, spend family time in prayer.  Let’s all forget about Hawaii and take that trip to Heaven!

C’est Bon