I will follow Him

20130525_124013I think we all follow something or someone..

Dorothy followed the yellow brick road.  The magi followed the star.  Wall street junkies follow the stock market.  Some people follow blogs…the list goes on and on.

As Christians we are called to follow Christ Jesus.  It is a road that is hard and rocky.  To truly follow His ways and not the ways of man means ridicule, discrimination, and even today, death.

Today at mass, the gospel reading spoke of Jesus’ Baptism.  One may ask why Jesus, our Savior, needed to be Baptized.  The answer is He did not.  In order to fulfill the Will of God, Jesus did seek John for Baptism.  It was during this Baptism that the waters of the Jordan became sanctified and became the first “holy water”.  How could John Baptize our Lord without first being Baptized himself?  John was sanctified by Jesus when Mary visited Elizabeth.  John leapt in the womb when receiving his sanctifying grace.

Jesus’ Baptism was the beginning of His ministry.  His mission was to love and to show us how to love.  He asked that we give up our worldly influences and give ourselves to Him for our salvation.  He asked that we follow Him.

The reason to follow Him….because He loved us first.  He loved us so much that He gave all of Himself for our salvation.  With one drop of blood, Jesus’ mission for our salvation was complete.  Why did He give Himself up to torture and humiliation and total loss of blood then?  The answer is simple: He gave all of His blood because He had it to give.  He loved us that much.

Message given to Nancy Fowler in Conyers, Georgia, January 13, 1992:

Mary: “Tell my children, they have been marked with the sign of the cross.  The cross is on your forehead. (Father Jorge later added that we are marked at Baptism)  Nancy asked if the cross was of white light. “Yes, it is a cross of white light. You name your children and we name ours.”

“Dear children of America, be children of light.  Walk away from sin.  Please children, many of you are in danger of losing Heaven forever.  There is no greater suffering than the loss of God.  Prepare yourselves for eternal happiness.  Come follow my Son’s light.  Banish all darkness from your souls.  Keep the laws of God.  You cannot love God without keeping His commandments.  I bless you.  I am praying for you to come to the light.  As my Son went to the water for His Baptism, I ask you to return to the light of your Baptism.”

I am today making a commitment to follow Him.

He loves me.

C’est Bon




God, the Author of Life


January 22, 1973, Roe vs Wade was decided by the United States Supreme Court.  January 22, 1973, Life in the United States drastically changed.  In a country that was founded on the principle that “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are LIFE, Liberty, and the Pursuit of happiness”, LIFE was taken out of that Declaration which was signed July 4, 1776 by our founding fathers.

If God is the sole Author of Life, man is the author of death.  And so the deaths began…

A February 2008 issue of Scientific American, posted an article entitled, “Your cells are my cells“.  The article revealed that research has proven that women carry cells from every child we have ever conceived for the rest of our lives.  Surviving children also carry our cells and any subsequent children who follow the loss of a sibling carries cells from that sibling.  We are all connected because we all have one Creator.  The moment we are formed in our mother’s womb we have been created.  The moment we are formed in our mother’s womb, we are a human being, and as such, we should have the same rights and protections as all humanity deserves.

There are millions of babies who have never had a choice; never had protection under the law.  It is time that society stands up for these babies and the countless more who have yet to be created.

I met a remarkable woman this past week.  Her name is Brenda DesOrmeaux and she founded the DesOrmeaux Foundation.  After the tragedy of 1973, Brenda felt a calling and decided to act.  She became an active member of the Acadiana Right to Life, working for the Pro-Life cause.  Her years of participation in this Fight for Life led to her running the Women’s Center of Lafayette.  After forming the DesOrmeaux Foundation, Brenda gave up her role in the Acadiana Right to Life and devoted herself to defending Human Life, the sanctity of marriage, and promoting chaste relationships.  Through her efforts, Lafayette, Louisiana now has a Pregnancy Center which offers free pregnancy test, family planning counseling, free ultrasound and financial assistance; the St. Marguerite d’Youville home which provides women with a peaceful, secure setting to help them process their needs, emotions, and choices; and the Baby and Me Boutique which specializes in selling maternity and baby items at give-away prices. Brenda heard God’s calling and she responded.

These are urgent times.  The more we advance with technology, the more technology points to the fact that a pregnant woman does not hold a blob of tissue. Each person is created unique and in the image of God.

Jesus said it best to Nancy Fowler in Conyers, Georgia, January 6, 1991: “Oh what a terrible, grave sin abortion is.  Man does not know the destiny of each child conceived, does not know the destiny of any child conceived.  So popes are murdered, priests are murdered, nuns are murdered, and on and on. Does this grave sin not bring about the wrath of God?

And again to Nancy on February 6, 1993: “You must know that abortion is murder. I am the Creator, you are not.  I am the Author of Life, you are not. Do not kill who I have created.  The commandment of God is “Thou shall not kill”. You will battle with each other over laws that you create apart from Me.”

We are all called.

Romans 11:32 “Do not conform yourselves to the standards of this world but let God transform you inwardly by a complete change of your mind.  Then you will be able to know the will of God – what is good and is pleasing to Him and is proper.”

September 29, 1992; Our Blessed Mother’s message to Nancy Fowler for America: “America pick up your Rosary, kneel down and pray.

This week marks the 41st anniversary of Roe vs. Wade.  Do something.  Go to a March for Life; attend a prayer service or mass; contact your state representatives…. Together we can give hope to all the children of God who are yet to be.

C’est Bon






the best things in life…

kidsYesterday I attended a talk given by Teresa Tomeo, author, host of radio morning show Catholic Connection, and EWTN co-host of The Catholic View for Women.  Teresa discussed her new book, God’s Bucket List.  It was an evening well spent, filled with laughs and thought-provoking conversation.

Just about everyone has a Bucket List.  I am sure most of our Bucket Lists have items such as trips, acquiring material goods, or landing that dream job.  But are these things really important in the end?  My favorite line from the talk yesterday was, “Do you want to go to Hawaii or do you want to go to Heaven?”.  Teresa’s book outlines the REAL path “to HAPPINESS in THIS LIFE and BEYOND”.  We have to learn it’s not about us – it’s about God.  Only when we are doing God’s will are we truly happy and fulfilled.

Think about it….When we are young, we are always looking to the future.  It’s always – some day the kids will be grown and I’ll get to do all the things I’ve ever wanted to do…I’ll travel, do fun things…. Life in the moment is filled with noise and stress. We do not take the time to stop and enjoy the little things, the little moments.

It is only when one gets older that one tends to start looking behind and reminiscing about those by-gone days and years.

Raising children is not an easy job.  God blessed my husband and I with three wonderful kids.  We now have two wonderful grandchildren as well.  Life always has its ups and downs.  Without the downs, the ups do not seem as special.  Now that my children are adults, I share in their up and down moments (so there are more of them!).  I have finally learned that this is life here on earth.  What we make of this life will determine how we spend our eternity.

I don’t have a Bucket List.  I do have a Wish List.  I wish for my children that they take the time to enjoy each day.  I hope they know that they are truly special and made in the image of God.  I hope they know that being their mother is the single most important job I could ever have.  Making sure they are on the path to Heaven is my single most important wish.

I now understand Mary’s love for us.  As our mother, she is calling us to take the path to Jesus.

October 13, 1996 – Mary to Nancy Fowler, Conyers, Georgia “Please open your hearts.  Begin to love God. Begin to love yourselves as God loves you and begin to love each other in this way.  Remember you ascend your heavenly steps throughout this life by self-sacrificing love.  Embrace your cross.  Unite all your suffering with my Son.”

Kiss your kids.  Turn the TV off and put the cell phone down. Take the time to play a board game, tell funny jokes, or just sit and chat.  Most of all, spend family time in prayer.  Let’s all forget about Hawaii and take that trip to Heaven!

C’est Bon





Mystical Rose

rose petalRose petal which fell from the sky in Conyers, Georgia where Our Lady appeared to Nancy Fowler with public messages in the 1990’s.  (ourlovingmother.org)

The rose is known as the Queen of Flowers. It has a perfume that will raise the mind to the “highest state of spiritual consciousness”.  It is no wonder that over the centuries, this flower has become a symbol for Our Blessed Mother, the Queen of Heaven and earth. This symbolism came to fullness with the devotion to Our Lady of the Rosary.

The rose has also been used as a sign by Our Lady to her children.  Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared to Juan Diego December 9, 1531 and asked that a church be built. The Archbishop of Mexico City asked for a miraculous sign from the Virgin. Diego was instructed by the Virgin to gather flowers from the top of Tepeyac Hill.  Although it was December and the hill was barren, Diego found Castilian roses, which are not native to the area, and arranged them in his tilman cloak.  Later when Diego opened the cloak in front of the Archbishop, instead of flowers, there was a miraculous image of the Virgin Mary.  This image is still on Diego’s cloak which is enshrined in the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

On July 13, 1947, Our Lady Rosa Mystical (Mystical Rose) appeared to Pierina Gilli in Montichiari, in Nothern Italy.  She asked that everyone pray the rosary and do penance.  She appeared with a white rose which symbolized prayer; a red rose, symbolizing sacrifice; and a yellow rose for the spirit of penance and conversion.  Our Lady of Mystical Rose asked that every December 8th at noon, we celebrate an Hour of Grace for the Whole World.

I have a rose story of my own.  A few years ago, my father was suffering with a disease affecting his balance.  My mother and I prayed a novena (nine day prayer) that he be healed or come to terms with his disability.  It is often the case that novenas are answered with a rose.  After the nine days, which was in late November, my mother was very excited to find a single rose had bloomed in her yard.  We took that to mean that our prayers would be answered.  I was not looking for my own rose, thinking that one rose gave both of us an answer.  Later that same day, my husband and I went buy a Christmas tree.  I picked one, but then thought it was a little too crooked.  I picked out another one.  My husband held the tree up for my inspection.  I looked it over and my eye caught something inside the tree.  I reached into the branches, and lo and behold, I pulled out a rose bud!  Well, that was definitely our Christmas tree!   It is a moment I will never forget!

At our family rosary yesterday, we were very blessed to have a friend of the family share a special rose petal with us. On this tiny petal that has traveled from home to home for several years, you can clearly see Our Lord Jesus and the Blessed Sacrament.

And so remember to honor your Blessed Mother with roses on her special feast days.  She has done so much for us, her children.  She deserves our attention and honor.  Her messages should not be ignored.  She is fervently working for our salvation.  She is our gift from Our Lord Jesus Christ.  His Crown of Thorns gave way to our Mystical Rose.

C’est Bon