Got Milk?

cookies and milkThis Christmas was very special because my grandkids spent the night Christmas Eve and Santa paid a visit to Grams and Pop’s house.

The grandkids know that Santa is St. Nicholas.  They celebrated St. Nic’s feast day earlier in the month and  received a few goodies then.  They were really looking forward to the Big Visit on the eve of Jesus’ birth.

It was a fun evening as all of our children were gathered.  We opened some presents and had a great time looking at old photographs while reliving memories of Christmas Past.

The little ones put on their pajamas and were in the process of kissing everyone goodnight when my granddaughter suddenly reminded me that we had not left the cookies and milk for Santa.

“No problem”, I told the granddaughter; Pop has a ton of milk.  (My husband is a big milk drinker!)  We walked over to the refrigerator.  I pulled open the door.  The fridge was stocked with a few cartons of Lactaid (which Pop drinks) and one carton of whole milk that Grams had used for making sweets.

My granddaughter looked into the refrigerator and surveyed the displayed cartons.  She then turned to me with a most worried look on her face.

“Grams, does Santa drink Lactaid or regular milk?”, she exclaimed.  I was dumbfounded.  I stood there with the refrigerator door opened, looking and smiling at my lovely granddaughter.  “Regular Milk!”, shouted Pop!  Whew!  I grabbed the regular milk and filled the Christmas mug.  We piled cookies on a plate and left the goodies and milk for the man in the red suit.

I was awakened by oohs and ahhs the next morning.  We evidently left the right kind of milk…

C’est Bon