Health S(care)!

Obamacare Protest at Supreme Court

Obamacare Protest at Supreme Court (Photo credit: southerntabitha)

If you like your plan, you can keep it; if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”

Oh wait, that was not exactly correct….and by the way, you can’t keep your moral convictions either!

The Affordable Care Act is proving to be (1) not so affordable and (2) not so caring.  Since when do we live in a country where you must choose between your religious beliefs and your government mandates?

I am seeing first hand the effects of this Health “Care” bill.  My daughter is one of the millions who lost their insurance policy.  A co-worker of my husband was told that his insurance no longer covered a needed medicine and his out of pocket cost would be in the thousands.  I read in the “National Register” that most of the exchange plans, in order to meet the law’s mandate on spending, have narrowed the panels of doctors and hospitals that are available to patients.  Many medical systems that have advanced care capabilities are being omitted.  This will result in diminished care for life threatening illness.

The HHS mandate was the show stopper for me.  I did email my state senators during the government shutdown.  Mr. David Vitter replied promptly that he has always been opposed to the mandate and was working diligently to try and make changes.  I received an email back from Ms. Mary Landrieu’s office that she was unable to respond due to the shutdown.  I did finally receive an answer from Ms. Landrieu last week.  According to Ms. Landrieu, she “was one of the voices who expressed concerns about the Obama Administration’s initial, ill-advised policy requiring women’s reproductive health benefits as a health insurance benefit option for policyholders.”  She goes on to say that as a result of her efforts, “the Administration made changes to its initial proposal…resulting changes better protect the religious freedom and liberty of churches and other religiously based institutions.”

The White House did offer a yearlong extension for religious nonprofits. During that time period, the government promised to amend the mandate to address religious-liberty concerns.  However, the government did not amend the mandate.  The only exemptions are applied to churches.  Religious nonprofits, such as EWTN, are not exempt.  EWTN filed a law suit challenging the mandate as unconstitutional and the state of Alabama has joined them.

In the meantime, how do we get health care coverage that does not contradict our beliefs?  There are Christian alternatives. Three major Christian medical sharing ministries are Samaritan Ministries, Christian Medi-Share and Christian Healthcare Ministries.   Members of these medical sharing groups make their own decision with their chosen medical professionals in how they treat life-threatening conditions.  None of these ministries share in abortion or care that is found to be morally objectionable.

I am not a Democrat.  I am not a Republican.  I am a Christian.  I was baptized in the Catholic Church and my religious beliefs are my life.  I am only one of many women who understand that pregnancy is not a disease.  Each child is a gift from God.  The important choice was made long ago when a young virgin said yes to God and gave birth to a Savior.  Choices happen prior to pregnancy.  Once a child is conceived – there is no “choice”.  There is only that gift of love.

If you feel like your beliefs are being trampled upon, speak out.

It’s getting Health Scary out there!!

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