Heaven on Earth

20130703_125454My husband and I recently took a trip to Hanceville, Alabama, near Birmingham.  We wanted to see the temple accomplished by Mother Angelica; commanded by the Divine Child Jesus.  Words cannot describe its beauty.  The two mile ride to the temple where the Body of Christ is perpetually adored by the nuns is stunning and leads one to believe they are entering another world – a holy world.  Looking back over the years, I can remember similar feelings at other holy sites.  Our visits to Conyers, Georgia; Caritas, Birmingham;  and the shrine of Blessed Father Seelos and are few places where we felt peace and God’s presence.

These places are awesome and great reminders of the power of prayer.  But, as I sat in my own parish church yesterday, I became overwhelmed with the real presence of Our Lord.  I realized, if one truly believes that Jesus Christ is present in the Eucharist, then every time one steps into one’s  own church, especially during Eucharistic adoration, the soul should leap with joy and know that heaven is here on earth.

I encourage everyone to attend adoration.  I cannot describe how peaceful the experience, and how easy I find it for Jesus to speak to my heart.

Message to Nancy Fowler from Jesus, April 21, 1995.  “I am the center of this church, but I am not in the center of My children’s lives.  I am like an “ornament”.  My children come and see and they leave Me hanging there.  My children need to take Me into their hearts.  The doors of their hearts are often closed to Me.”

John 14:27  “Peace is what I leave with you, it is My Own peace that I give you.”

Let’s all make Jesus the center of our lives.  Let us all live a life to make our Lord and Savior proud.  Let us give ourselves over to His will.  Let us consecrate our families to Mary’s Immaculate Heart and to Jesus’ Sacred Heart.  Walk with Him and you will walk all of your days in peace and harmony.  It starts at home.

As the individual family lives, so lives the immediate community, the parish, the city, and state, the nation and the world.” Mother Angelica

C’est Bon