Got Milk?

cookies and milkThis Christmas was very special because my grandkids spent the night Christmas Eve and Santa paid a visit to Grams and Pop’s house.

The grandkids know that Santa is St. Nicholas.  They celebrated St. Nic’s feast day earlier in the month and  received a few goodies then.  They were really looking forward to the Big Visit on the eve of Jesus’ birth.

It was a fun evening as all of our children were gathered.  We opened some presents and had a great time looking at old photographs while reliving memories of Christmas Past.

The little ones put on their pajamas and were in the process of kissing everyone goodnight when my granddaughter suddenly reminded me that we had not left the cookies and milk for Santa.

“No problem”, I told the granddaughter; Pop has a ton of milk.  (My husband is a big milk drinker!)  We walked over to the refrigerator.  I pulled open the door.  The fridge was stocked with a few cartons of Lactaid (which Pop drinks) and one carton of whole milk that Grams had used for making sweets.

My granddaughter looked into the refrigerator and surveyed the displayed cartons.  She then turned to me with a most worried look on her face.

“Grams, does Santa drink Lactaid or regular milk?”, she exclaimed.  I was dumbfounded.  I stood there with the refrigerator door opened, looking and smiling at my lovely granddaughter.  “Regular Milk!”, shouted Pop!  Whew!  I grabbed the regular milk and filled the Christmas mug.  We piled cookies on a plate and left the goodies and milk for the man in the red suit.

I was awakened by oohs and ahhs the next morning.  We evidently left the right kind of milk…

C’est Bon






Prayer for my Granddaughter



maddieBy Lillian Penner

Dear Heavenly Father,

I pray my granddaughter will not be concerned about the outward beauty that depends on fancy hairstyles, expensive jewelry, or beautiful clothes.  But she will clothe herself with the beauty of a teachable, gentle spirit, displaying pure and godly behavior, for this is precious in Your sight.

I pray she will have a balanced view of beauty and charm, clothing herself with attractive and modest apparel, radiating the countenance of a godly young woman, choosing to dress in a way that pleases You.

I pray she will clothe herself with tenderhearted mercy, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience, making allowances for the faults of others and forgiving those who offend her.  But the most important virtue is love.

Let that peace that comes from Christ rule in her heart.  I pray the words of Christ will live in her heart and make her wise, so whatever she says or does will be pleasing to God.

Moreover, I pray she will grow up to be a godly woman, loving You and serving You all the days of her life.


C’est Bon,

Love you granddaughter,



Grandmothers’ Gifts


I was young when my mother’s mother passed away.  We called her Maw-Maw.  My only memories of her are of a very sick woman. My mother became her nurse in those days.   I do not remember any conversation I ever had with Maw-Maw.  My mother has told me that she enjoyed life. She loved dancing and visiting her friends.  It must have been very hard on her to have a disabling disease at the end of her life.

My father’s mother, we called Mom.  I was married with children when Mom passed away; but, I still never had a conversation with her.  Mom spoke only Cajun French and what little we said to each other was translated by my parents when we visited Mom and Pop every Sunday.  What I remember about Mom was her reverence to our Lord.  She was a very devout Catholic, always attending mass, saying her rosary and getting down on her knees at night to say her nightly prayers.  It made quite an impression on me as a young kid to see my two elderly and arthritis-riddled grandparents, who could hardly walk, on their knees beside their bed at night.

You might think I suffered in the grandmother-granddaughter relationship department.  You would be mistaken.  The Lord blessed me with two wonderful women in my life who were very much a “grandmother” to me.

The first of these wonderful women was a neighbor.  Mrs. Anita Larson, “Larson”, was a lonely widow whose only child and grandchild lived across the country.  My sisters and I latched onto Larson and we just adored her.  She called us her adopted grandchildren.  Some of my favorite childhood memories are sitting on Larson’s porch, in one of her big white wooden rockers, listening to her stories.  She was always full of compliments for us; the best shot of self-esteem a kid could have!  It was a true grandmother-granddaughter relationship. I never felt judged or unwanted.  I felt unconditional love.  Before Larson passed away, I was able to sit and visit on her porch with my own children.  She treated them the same; they too adored her.

The other grandmother in my life was my husband’s grandmother, Mama-Nu.  Words cannot describe the beauty of this woman!  I first met Mama Nu when my husband and I were engaged to be married.  She hugged me tight and said, “If my grandson loves you, then I love you – you are now my granddaughter!”  What a gift!  True to her word, Mama Nu always treated me as her granddaughter.  She had a twinkle in her eye and joy in her heart.  Everyone loved her and wanted to be around her.  What a special person.  It is 15 years today that she passed away, and she is sorely missed by all of her children and grandchildren.  It is impossible to think of her and not smile at some funny saying or antic she had come up with!

One day years ago, Mom was visiting us and she was able to walk next door with us and sit on Larson’s porch.  She and Larson spoke in French together.  Later on, Larson told me that my grandmother said her only regret in life was that she never learned English and could not speak to her grandchildren.

I consider myself very lucky in the grandmother department.  I know that I will see them all again one day.  When that day comes, I will get to know Maw-Maw and ask her to show me some of her dance moves.  I will thank her for the gift of my mother, who she raised to be the most excellent nurse, mother, and grandmother.

I will sit on Larson’s porch in heaven and finally have a conversation with Mom that we both understand.  I will thank her for the gift of her reverent and devoted acts; which spoke more loudly than any words could have.

And finally, I will greet my adopted grandmothers, Larson and Mama Nu and thank them for making me their granddaughter!  Their love and kindness is what guides me today in my role as a grandmother.

God Bless Grandmothers!

C’est Bon