Got Milk?

cookies and milkThis Christmas was very special because my grandkids spent the night Christmas Eve and Santa paid a visit to Grams and Pop’s house.

The grandkids know that Santa is St. Nicholas.  They celebrated St. Nic’s feast day earlier in the month and  received a few goodies then.  They were really looking forward to the Big Visit on the eve of Jesus’ birth.

It was a fun evening as all of our children were gathered.  We opened some presents and had a great time looking at old photographs while reliving memories of Christmas Past.

The little ones put on their pajamas and were in the process of kissing everyone goodnight when my granddaughter suddenly reminded me that we had not left the cookies and milk for Santa.

“No problem”, I told the granddaughter; Pop has a ton of milk.  (My husband is a big milk drinker!)  We walked over to the refrigerator.  I pulled open the door.  The fridge was stocked with a few cartons of Lactaid (which Pop drinks) and one carton of whole milk that Grams had used for making sweets.

My granddaughter looked into the refrigerator and surveyed the displayed cartons.  She then turned to me with a most worried look on her face.

“Grams, does Santa drink Lactaid or regular milk?”, she exclaimed.  I was dumbfounded.  I stood there with the refrigerator door opened, looking and smiling at my lovely granddaughter.  “Regular Milk!”, shouted Pop!  Whew!  I grabbed the regular milk and filled the Christmas mug.  We piled cookies on a plate and left the goodies and milk for the man in the red suit.

I was awakened by oohs and ahhs the next morning.  We evidently left the right kind of milk…

C’est Bon






Hit the Emergency Button

beach buddies

Recently my daughter and my two grandchildren took a beach vacation.  Upon returning, my daughter shared a cute story with my husband and I that I would like to share with you.

My daughter and her children frequented an arcade while on vacation.  The arcade had a virtual reality roller coaster.  It sat two people who are fully enclosed in the ride which rises, falls, and rotates around to give the extra added sensation of being on an actual roller coaster.  My grandson noticed this ride on the first day and begged his mother to let him on it.  But his mother felt that a four-year-old was just too young for the ride.

This went on the entire trip.  An arcade visit always ended up with the four-year-old begging his mom to let him ride the roller-coaster.  On the last day of the trip my daughter noticed that her son did meet the height requirement for the roller coaster.  She spoke to the attendant, who informed her that the ride had a slow, medium, and fast speed.  She was told the slow speed was appropriate for her son’s age.  So, with much trepidation, she let the four-year-old with his seven-year-old sister get on the virtual reality roller coaster.

The two kids sat in the ride.  The attendant explained to the older sister to pick the “slow” speed and advised her of the “emergency button” should there be a need to stop the ride.

The attendant closed up the ride.  My daughter watched as her no longer visible children rose up in the air in the machine.  As the ride started up, the attendant looked at my daughter, smiled and said, “She picked the fast speed!”.  Yes, my little angel of a granddaughter decided that she would give her little brother a ride he would remember!

Their mother was helpless.  She could only watch the machine rise, fall and rotate.  Her stomach felt sick and her heart was pounding.  What was happening in that thing?

Near the end of the ride, the attendant once again looked at my daughter, smiled, and said, “They pressed the emergency button!”  Finally, the ride came to an end.  It lowered and the amused attendant opened the hatch.

Once open my daughter saw her own daughter sitting, giggling and just tickled with herself!  The little brother was in tears and wanted his mommy!

I love this story.  It holds so many of life’s lessons in that one story.  Life is like a roller coaster – it has its ups and downs.  Be careful for what you wish for..

Most of all, I love the “emergency button.”  Sometimes in life we want that emergency button.  Sometimes we want to just say “stop, I need time to collect myself and my sanity!”

For me that emergency button is my Lord.  When things get too much to handle, I need to just relax, pray, and give it to the Lord.  He is my Healer, my Strength and my Sanity!

Here is a poem that sums it up by Shirley Powell

His Presence Within

God never sends sorrow without joy, Nor the sun without the rain.

He never gives us a cross too heavy that we can’t bear the pain.

He is always present within our hearts, whispering encouragement to you and me.

He lifts us up when we are down and listens to our humble pleas.

Who else would have the patience to listen to our complaints, yet hold us close to His gentle heart and love us without restraint?

There is always another river to cross and another mountain to climb.

If we but put our trust in Him, we’ll be filled with His love sublime.

His arms are always opened wide, waiting patiently to embrace troubled souls like you and me and to fill us with His grace.

When despair and sadness come our way, just always remember this…

Tomorrow or another day soon we’ll be filled with happiness and bliss.

C’est Bon!