The Family that Prays Together…


rosary (Photo credit: rebeccavalfl)

“Henceforth all generations will call me blessed”  Luke1:48

The special prayer of The Most Holy Rosary was given to St. Dominic by Our Blessed Mother in the year 1220.  St. Dominic was asked to spread devotion to this powerful prayer, which is a meditation on the life of Jesus Christ as seen through His Mother’s eyes.

As a child, I learned to say the Rosary; however, it seemed to me that it was a prayer that was recited by old women who had a lot of time of their hands.  My grandmother said the Rosary over and over again in her final years on earth.  It is only now that I see and understand the value of this Holy Prayer.  I hear others my age talk about their grown children as having lost their faith, or as having delved into other “modern, new-age” faiths.  My three children have all held onto their Catholic faith.  I do not take credit for it.  My mother-in-law twenty-one years ago became inspired to host a once a week family Rosary.  My children and my nieces and nephew have grown up leading these weekly Rosaries.  It has become imbedded in their souls.  Over the years we have prayed for many sick, dying and departed.  We have given thanks for healings and blessings.  The spiritual growth that has occurred in this family has been awesome.  My mother-in-law has three children, all of them still married to their first and only spouses.  All of the grandchildren seem to have a deep understanding of their faith and are all witnesses to that faith.

Pope Pius IX once said, “If there were one million families praying the Rosary every day, the entire world would be saved.”

St. Pio of Pietrelcina said, “The Rosary is THE WEAPON.”

I can now say thank you to my grandmothers for all their Rosary recitations.  To my mother for her daily Rosaries on behalf of her family.  To my mother-in-law for laying a solid foundation for her grandchildren that is being carried on in the great-grandchildren (my grandchildren).

The power this prayer yields is strong beyond belief.  Pray the Rosary.  Form Rosary clubs or weekly family Rosary nights.  Together we can change the world – one family at a time!

C’est Bon