Light of my life


Advent (Photo credit: Lawrence OP)

tree ornamentThe season of advent is a most glorious season!  With each passing week, one more candle is lit.  One more beacon of light shining bright.  For as we advance in advent, we grow nearer to the coming of Jesus Christ, The Light of the world.  The closer we are to Jesus, the more Light is in our life.

In today’s world we are surrounded by artificial lights.  There are traffic lights, computer and gadget lights, siren lights, room lighting, Christmas tree lights, the list goes on and on…

We know the significance of the green light, the red light, blue light, and so on.  In fact, my grandson is in pre-K and their behavior system is based on the traffic light.  Good behavior means a green light, slightly bad behavior is a yellow light and down right bad is a red light.  My grandson’s first red light was followed by his punishment at home of putting away new birthday toys until he brought home a green light.  My daughter said the following morning, upon awakening,  he raced to his backpack to pull out his behavior folder to check if the “light had changed”!

We spend so much time worrying about these artificial lights and so little time with the one True Light.

Our Lady of Kibeho gave this message: “There are many lights in the world to follow, but there is only one true Light, that of God.  Live with your faith throughout your life.  Don’t wear it like a coat that you put on and off, since this won’t save you when you die.  The one who turns to God in this world, and lives according to God’s will, can, through Divine Mercy, shorten and even avoid his time in purgatory.  I have come to prepare the way for Him for your own good and you do not want to accept, you do not want to understand.  There is so little time remaining, yet you still allow yourselves to be distracted by earthly goods and desires, which will soon pass away.  I see so many of my children going astray, and so I come to plead with them, and to show them the correct way.”

Jesus came to this world through our mother, Mary.  She was filled with the Holy Spirit and God’s grace and gave birth to our Lord.  She nurtured Him, fed Him, bathed Him, loved Him.  She prepared Him for His mission with her motherly love and devotion to God’s will.  Today Mary is preparing us.  Once again our Lord, Jesus, is preparing to enter into this world and rule His kingdom.  Mary is guiding us to accept God’s will for us and follow her son.

Take time this advent season to put away the distractions.  Turn off the TV.  Put the cell phone and games away.  Gather with your family and light the advent wreath.  Sing a song of praise to God.  Read scriptures.  Pray together.  Spend time with the one True Light.  He will give you light in return.  His light is one of Peace and Love.

C’est Bon